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AOL Email

With AOL, you get all of those best-known features including instant messenger and AOL email. AOL set the standard with keywords to make Internet searches not only lightning fast – but fun and easy to boot. And no one makes it simpler to customize your web experience or your web mail preferences, allowing you to make the final say to set everything for your mail account and your family exactly the way you want it.

AOL – You’ve got mail!

AOL email gives you the most choice in each area – receiving mail, sending mail and writing mail. You are guided through user-friendly screens on your computer, allowing you to totally specify the kind of preferences that you are looking for. Everything from notifying you of pictures attached to your AOL email, or giving you an option of how long old mail is kept after you’ve read it. Or instantly performing a spell check for you before you press that send button, and then, once you’ve pressed send…having your computer confirm that your mail is actually on its way through the worldwide web – you just can’t get it any easier than this!

If you’re brand new to the whole web email experience, there is no reason for you to fear! AOL email offers an online Help screen with thorough tutorials on every aspect of checking out mail in your inbox, sending mail of your own, adding contacts to your address book, and organizing mail and contact information in your very own computer filing cabinet.

AOL email has so many added features, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself like millions of America Online members are doing everyday!


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