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Army Knowledge Online serves a most valuable purpose – America’s Army at War in places including the war in Iraq. Eligible personnel for ako web mail include all active army, army reserve, national guards, DA civilians, retired army and guests of army personnel.

The mission of AKO is very specific – to transform the institutional army into an information-age, networked organization on the Internet through applications including ako web mail. AKO is the military’s worldwide Intranet. Its believe is that utilizing computer technology to its fullest will increase organizational capability, as well as training, equipping and maintaining its strategic land combat force.

Army Knowledge Online – Intranet on the Internet

All account information for setting up an ako web mail account can be accessed through the military’s website at Army Knowledge Online www.us.army.mil including an AKO tutorial on creating your own personal web pages and sending email through ako web mail. An AKO web site ensures that military families stay safely and securely connected – so if eligible for an ako web mail account, be sure to sign up.

The concerns of deployed soldiers supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom were listened to in 2004, and AKO Lite was created to a deploy a lighter and faster web version that includes vital links to the most important features accessed including web mail and instant messaging systems. Time consuming graphics and bulky content pages were eliminated from the new version to make accessibility and connection as fast as it could be.

The Lite version can be accessed through the regular AKO sign-in page and works with the regular user name and password for email account services.


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