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America On Line redefined the search engine with AOL keywords. Email with aol web mail is no different, and it offers you one of the most user friendly email capabilities on the Internet.

When you sign up with AOL for Internet service, you get a Help screen with detailed tutorials on everything you should possibly know about emailing on your computer. Such as basic instructions on sending and receiving your first electronics messages, to more detailed information on setting up your profiles and newsgroups, or chat room etiquette and how-to information on instant message boards. All of this is offered with either dial-up or lightning fast high-speed service.

On the Internet – you’ve got aol web mail!

With aol web mail – it’s your online experience, and your email, exactly the way you want to send and receive. Preferences offered to every single user are perhaps the most extensive online, allowing you to choose every single part of your email account for business, for personal use, and for your family. Your online experience is truly customized with aol web mail on your system.

AOL screens guide you through the extensive choices you can make, including how long you wish to hold on to old emails, or store them in your filing cabinet with folders that you can name, rename and rearrange as your priorities come and go, or differentiate.

If you’re a newcomer to computer technology and the World Wide Web, aol web mail is especially beneficial. You cannot help but enjoy the hassle-free time you will have checking out free fun stuff online, with the added bonus of knowing that your chosen preferences for your aol web mail are ensuring maximum security for your identity and your family!


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