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Bellsouth email

Bellsouth offers a tremendous variety to its customers, in addition to local and long distance phone service, cell phone service from Cingular Wireless, and Internet services that include FastAccess DSL capability that will allow you to surf the World Wide Web at the speed of light.

Bellsouth email is offered with both FastAccess DSL and standard dial-up service. Their email services include both Bellsouth Pop-Up Catcher and parental controls. Security features include BellSouth MailGuard Anti-Spam Service and BellSouth MailGuard Anti-Virus Service.

Internet email with Bellsouth!

As many as 8 mailboxes can be set up for residential email accounts, and up to 15 mailboxes for your business needs. Additional mailboxes are extremely useful as each new mailbox gives that user an additional email address and their own private mailbox. An alias, or nickname, can also be created per mailbox, which will direct mail to your original mailbox while offering you additional security and privacy. Your Bellsouth email can be accessed from any computer that uses, for instance, Outlook Express or Netscape Mail.

In addition, email can be accessed via your Bellsouth email account that is received from other providers, including yahoo.com. In order to do this, you must access and log into your Bellsouth email account. See home.bellsouth.net for instructions on how to change your preferences for POP mail, and to save your settings.

Help and technical support for customers is always a priority with Bellsouth. You can chat with an eAgent, email Bellsouth for support, or contact them via your Cingular cell phone to discuss your Bellsouth email account.


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