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The email address you use on your computer at home can say a lot about you – more so than the address on the street where you live! Let’s say you’re searching for an old classmate that you haven’t talked to since high school. And wouldn’t you know it, they were doing exactly the same thing looking for their old friends. When does that fact become perfectly clear?

When you see their email address pop up in your Internet inbox – and you instantly recognize that they’re still using that same old nickname they were going by over a decade and a half ago!

An Email Address by any other name on the Internet…

Having an email address is a vastly superior way to send and receive information. You can have as many email addresses as you want, one for every member of your family to use, and having electronic mail capability gives you and your loved ones access to information and communication at work or home, or around the world. Internet technology now offers even more secure features to combat computer viruses and detect junk messages, and you can also use filters or parental controls to block emails from people or companies that you’d rather not receive mail from.

When emailing to other countries, it’s useful to remember that there’s often a two-letter country code. For example, .uk indicates a United Kingdom user and .mx indicates an address in Mexico. Search the Internet for a complete list of country and territory codes.

Definitely investigate electronic mail servers when you’re choosing your email address, there are plenty to choose from and many offer free service or enhanced service for a small additional fee!


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