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Like just about every other family on your block, you’ve got a home computer that your wife uses for her work at home selling beauty products, and you use to check a mapquest map when planning your business calls for the next day. Of course, the kids always seem to be on more than the two of you, since there’s plenty of fun stuff to do online! Which is why your very first priority when dealing with the Internet should be an email filter to ensure the safety of your family and the security of your identity and personal information.

Internet security – enable yourself with an email filter

An email filter is essentially the first line of defense your email system has on the Internet. Be it a spam blocker, an anti-virus scanning and cleaning tool like Norton Antivirus, or parental controls that you can set to allay fears when your kids use chat rooms or instant messaging, as many email filters as you have available with your email account should be utilized. You can also change your message views, which allow you to view messages from your important contacts first, leaving any potential junk messages behind.

You should also be able to set up different email addresses, if you choose, for business and personal use, which can also serve as a useful email filter. Some online sources have gone as far as to suggest email ‘aliases’, which will still forward email to your regular inbox, but under a nickname or assumed name. Each and every one of these email filter methods will allow you and your family greater safety and security online.


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