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The Internet is overflowing with information for both small business owners and large conglomerates pertaining to web hosting, domain hosting and email hosting. Top Level Domains (TLD) are identified by the dot following a domain name, and each one generally indicates the type of organization or the country where the host server is located. ICANN is the organization that administers TLDs, and further information can be obtained by doing a computer search for ICANN and visiting their website.

The most popular TLD is .com, for example yahoo.com. ‘Dot Com’ is used by a vast majority of business and commerce across North America.

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Some other Top Level Domains that may be in usage for email hosting are .aero for the air transport industry, .biz which may be obvious as it pertains to businesses, .coop indicating cooperatives only, and .edu for scholastic facilities or institutes of higher learning. Government agencies in the U.S. use .gov, and the American army and military forces use .mil.

Internet service providers sometimes offer email hosting which is located on .net companies. Non-commercial organizations often find a source for their email hosting on .org domains.

The email hosting options for small businesses are many. Services include POP3, spam blocking and filtering, and around the clock support. Another concern to businesses is the time and cost in undertaking the migrating of email accounts between systems. Qualified experts should be able to assist you in a hassle-free process, with no hardware to manage or software installation to worry about, and a nearly 100% uptime guaranteed.


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