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In many situations, people on the Internet are doing an email search and a people search at the same time. There are many online search engines that offer free people searches. So when you’re planning a high school reunion, looking to email your resume to that company president you want to work for, or just tracking down a long lost cousin, an email search needn’t be the most difficult task that you are undertaking on the web.

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Sometimes you should think twice about putting your email address out there – and remember that the people you’re doing an email search for online may feel exactly the same way. This is due in large part everyone’s desire to halt junk messages – or spam blocking. Spam or junk messages are surely the peskiest part of the Internet, and ‘spammers’ actually harvest emails – in other words, they do a sneaky email search of their own. They do this to get lists of email addresses, in order to jam up your computer inbox with unsolicited emails trying to sell you ‘best buys’ on merchandise you’d never want to purchase in the first place.

There are various ways to protect your computer from online spam. Internet chat rooms and adult personals are a huge part of the online community, so you should utilize a different ‘screen name’ when you’re chatting that can’t be traced back to your actual email address. It’s also useful to set up ‘disposable addresses’, which is actually one email address for personal messages and one that you post on public areas online. That way, an email search will still reach you, but spammers will be deterred!


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