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Within the last decade, computers and the Internet have offered the world a cheap and lightning fast method of communication. Email and cell phones are the preferred way to send and receive messages. And why wouldn’t that be just the case, since there’s plenty of fun stuff to email your friends and family near and far…including those adorable ‘baby in the bath tub’ pictures you just snapped on your digital camera!

Speaking of baby…you just heard that Britney Spears is pregnant! What do you do? Email your friends to gossip about the news! Even better, make sure you have instant messaging so you can share news and views in the moment, all day long!

What’s a Computer without Email?

Email is becoming more user-friendly than ever before, and free email is certainly the norm with available features including spam blockers – ridding you of those junk messages you’ll never read anyway, as well as virus scanning to ensure your computer remains free of viruses and other nasty electronic maladies.

If you’re searching for someone’s web address, there are various ways to do a people search on the Internet using an online directory. Or, if you recall receiving something from the person in your inbox, there’s a good chance the sender’s address may be stored in your computer’s address book.

We’re very lucky to live in an age of computer technology and instant messaging through electronically delivered messages. Even though an old-fashioned letter that arrives through ‘snail mail’ can be nice once in a while, in our modern age, staying truly connected with our family and friends is far more efficient via computer!


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