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Free Email Account

A free email account isn’t hard to come by. In fact, it can be the quickest, easiest and most useful service you can create for yourself personally, for your business, or for your family members on the Internet.

Search engines are web sites with built in tools that assist you in finding out what you want or need to know online. Examples of two search engines on the World Wide Web are yahoo.com and MSN, and both of these search engine giants offer free email accounts: yahoo.com and Hotmail by MSN.

Your ‘best buy’ on the Internet is a free email account!

A free email account can be very handy for every aspect of business. Whether you have a home based business or your job takes you traveling to France, you can check your web mail online from wherever you are at every hour of the day. Chat rooms, online dating and adult personals are also a huge part of the online experience, so you can have a separate free email account for these activities as well.

Security is very important and spam blocking and email filters are becoming an absolute necessity when contemplating your free email account, and how many accounts you want set up. Consider this recently published percentage – 86% of email addresses that have been posted to web pages have been targeted by spammers sending out junk messages. That same percentage of email addresses posted to online newsgroups drew spam. Chat rooms are especially ripe for email harvesters. A single email address in a chat room can receive junk messages mere minutes after first being posted.


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