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So you already have web hosting and an email account for your business, and you require plenty of storage to send some pretty large files over the Internet to clients as far away as Japan and France. You also have a Microsoft computer at home, and everyone uses the email account attached to a search engine for personal reasons including chat rooms and instant messaging. Why would you need another email address, even if it’s a fantastic offer for free web mail?

Because the benefits of having another email account – especially if it’s free web mail – are so tremendous that it’s in your best interests to check it out for your work and your home!

What’s easier on the Internet than free web mail!

Look out for the excellent features of some free web mail services, including spam blockers that will require emails you receive to be validated – proving they’re on your preferred list and that you want to view these messages. If you have kids, the parental control filters and message viewing preferences will also be convenient and will definitely increase your feeling of security online.

One of the best things about free web mail is the ability to merge external mail accounts so you can view messages from any computer, anywhere in the world you can access the Internet. This will certainly save time and effort for you if you usually have to view personal and business-related messages that you receive on two different screens, if you’re able to view your messages externally at all. If you don’t have access to your email externally right now – you should definitely check out free web mail!


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