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RCN Internet Services offers a great email tool to its customers…rcn web mail. You can access your web mail account around the world, and because we all use the Internet for different reasons at work, or have varying needs for our family, RCN offers both high speed and 56K Dial-Up. The choice is completely yours.

Whatever you choose, the great features remain the same. You get up to four email boxes with rcn web mail for your business and personal use, free instant messaging, and literally tens of thousands of sites to pick from and select your favorite newsgroups and chat rooms.

RCN Internet Services brings you rcn web mail

You are also able to select from a wide choice of free instant messaging options for your rcn web mail. You need to protect your email address, and your personal identity from spyware and electronic mail harvesters, so you should define some necessary security filters for spam blocking. Another fantastic – and free – RCN trademark is called Pop-Up Stopper, offered in partnership with one of the leading personal privacy providers online, Panicware. You can download Pop-Up Stopper and use it as often as you’d like on your computer for dependable and quick pop-up ad blocking – or to enable ads from sites you choose when you’re on a search engine looking for that best buy.

Or try video emailing on your rcn web mail! With the right technology in place, it’s as easy as typing out that special message on your new laptop while you’re waving hello to someone across the ocean at the same time on your rcn web mail!


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