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Yahoo Mail

The Internet is one of the world’s most powerful communication tools – and yahoo.com keeps you constantly in touch with free Yahoo Email!

Yahoo Email provides you with email access from wherever in the world you can connect online. Whether in the comfort of your home, traveling to France on a two-day business trip, or traveling to Mexico for a sunny, week long vacation, Yahoo simply offers the best, most secure and reliable email service on the web.

Yahoo Email offers fantastic security and hassle-free features including spam blocker, and virus scanning and cleaning in partnership with Norton Anti Virus. Your Yahoo ID and password never has to change – if your account stays active, your free email address is the same whether you quit that day job, change to a better Internet service provider (like SBC Yahoo DSL) or you up and move clear across town – or the country!

Free Yahoo mail and other web email options

Do you ever find yourself spending precious time waiting for that crucial message to show up in your Inbox, but you’ve only got minutes to spare before you’ve got to leave for a meeting outside the office? With Yahoo Email it’s never a problem…Yahoo Messenger will send an alert to your cell phone when that important email finally arrives.

If you receive a lot of emails from people in the know, you’ll probably notice that many of their email addresses end in yahoo.com. That’s because they know that Yahoo Email is one of the best options on the Internet – it’s quick and easy to sign up for, it’s fun and offers a connection to other popular web-based activities including Yahoo Personals…and most important of all, it’s absolutely free!


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